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Injury Lawyer: What to Expect


Consultation with an
Injury Lawyer: What to Expect


Broward County accident victims sometimes are hesitant to call a personal injury attorney because they simply do not know what to expect. Moreover, some people may feel intimidated by the notion of being asked questions they may not be able to answer. The following guide will help victims prepare for their initial consultation with an accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale.

Recalling the details of the accident

Most personal injury attorneys begin by asking very basic questions to help them understand the nature of the accident. The potential client will likely be asked, either by a lawyer or the attorney’s paralegal, to recall the date of the accident and where the incident took place. Next the lawyer will want to know more detailed information regarding exactly how the accident took place, whether witnesses were present, and if anyone was injured. At this point, the client should communicate the nature of his or her injuries. The attorney will also ask the client to describe any present physical complaints he or she has to date that are the result of the incident.

Injuries, damage, and insurance

If the potential client indicates he or she was injured during the accident, the injury lawyer will ask about medical treatment. Providing a description of medical services received along with records and the names of Fort Lauderdale doctors and medical facilities visited after the accident will help counsel conduct an initial assessment of damages. An attorney may call into question the issue of damages if the accident has taken place some time ago and the prospective client has yet to seek medical attention. In addition to information regarding medical treatment sought and/or received, the attorney will also want to know if the potential client had insurance at the time of the accident and if he or she has been in contact with an insurance company regarding the incident. Finally, counsel will need to know the location of the item that caused the injury and whether photos have been taken of it. Examples of items that may be of interest include vehicles involved in a collision, a faulty staircase in a slip-and-fall scenario, or a defective mechanical part in a product defect case. The injured party should immediately photograph the accident scene and any objects that may have caused injury at the time of the accident if possible. Injured parties should have no fear when considering contacting a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney. In fact, calling a lawyer and seeking medical attention are the two most important first steps an accident victim should take. Not only do these critical steps protect the interests of the injured party, but they may also help secure a favorable ruling if the need arises to seek compensation in court. Potential clients are likely to feel more at ease during a legal consultation if they gather all documents and write down details surrounding the accident prior to meeting with the Hollywood injury lawyer. Most importantly, accident victims should remember that not only is the initial consultation free of charge, but the attorney’s ultimate role is to provide help during major time of need.

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