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Help Your Auto Injury Case


How a Dash Cam Can
Help Your Auto Injury Case


For some Fort Lauderdale drivers, the idea of investing in a dashboard camera for their car is one that likely has never come to mind. Although installing a dash cam may seem like overkill to some, our car accident lawyers would like to point out that they can offer a multitude of benefits when it becomes necessary to document car accidents throughout Broward County.

Accurately record the details

Accident scenes are usually fast-paced, high-stress environments, especially if a party is injured or has been killed. Therefore, the involved parties often do not focus on thoroughly documenting the accident scene and preserving evidence. When giving a report, accident victims and witnesses are understandably less likely to fully remember the sequence of events prior to the incident. Ultimately, these omitted facts may cost when filing an insurance claim or seeking damages in court. Accurately depicting an accident is especially important in Florida, which utilizes comparative negligence in determining fault for accident cases. Under this system, each party of an accident is only liable to the extent of his or her fault. If a driver’s accident attorney is attempting to prove he or she is not at fault, having supporting dash cam footage is likely to provide a tremendous advantage.

Successfully fight traffic tickets

One of the most common reasons drivers who believe they have been improperly ticketed avoid court is the belief that the outcome will depend on the word of the officer versus the driver’s version of events. By using, drivers equip themselves with the ability to record their driving behavior and the officer’s response before and during a traffic stop. If the court is presented with clear evidence that a traffic violation never took place, the ticket is likely to be dismissed.

Improve driving skills

Having a dash cam can provide an added layer of accountability for drivers. Most people drive more carefully and are more adherent to traffic laws when they know they are being recorded. Similarly, knowing that a dash camera is recording behaviors such as speeding, tailgating, and risky maneuvers that are more likely to cause an accident is oftentimes enough to motivate drivers to use the roads more responsibly. Parents of teenage drivers may also gain peace of mind by installing a dash cam. In addition to using constant surveillance to influence young drivers’ behavior, parents may also help their young drivers improve their driving habits. By reviewing cam footage, parents may observe the young driver’s habits and offer helpful driving tips that can ultimately keep teens safer. A two-way camera will allow parents to also observe what takes place inside the car to determine whether texting, cell phone use, or passenger distractions are present. In addition to keeping the roads and teenagers safer, installing a camera may also allow parents to save on auto insurance premiums as insurance companies typically reward young Broward County drivers who maintain a clean driving record. Having an on-board video recording device can mean the difference between receiving substantial compensation in the event of a major auto wreck in Ft Lauderdale or elsewhere in Broward County, and your attorney not providing sufficient evidence to support an otherwise valid claim. A small, up-front investment could pay off big in the future.

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