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International Litigation

We have successfully represented more than 20 foreign governments in United States courts on litigation matters.

The firm has an established history of litigating international disputes. We have successfully represented more than 20 foreign governments in addition to representing thousands of foreign individuals and corporations.

We are known on the global judicial stage for our mastery of the management and strategy of complex international litigation. For every case, we put together the best litigation teams in the world by acquiring the resources and expertise necessary to construct a winning strategy.

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The firm is considered expert in developing an international litigation approach that provides our clients with a comprehensive litigation plan – anywhere in the world.

Our firm’s multilingual capabilities have often proved to be a key factor in carrying out highly detailed investigations around the world, enabling us to bring our cases to successful conclusions.

Given our recognized expertise in the complex issues involved in product liability, mass tort litigation, and other highly specialized areas of law, lawyers from countries around the world often contact us for advice prior to bringing cases before courts in the United States.

We bring our full expertise to bear in every international case we handle, no matter how large or small, from multibillion dollar cases involving multinational corporations, to individuals with a need for the finest litigation counsel.