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In Florida, residents and visitors alike opt to take in the state’s picturesque scenery and capitalize on its favorable climate while riding a motorcycle. As a grim downside to their popularity, Florida leads the U.S. in occurrences of bike-related accidents. These types of wrecks often involve more extensive injuries and even loss of life. Therefore, it is especially important for riders to know their rights in the event of a collision in Broward County. Consulting with a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident lawyer immediately after the accident is strongly recommended.

Types of injuries

Florida law does not require a helmet to be worn by individuals who are at least 21 and maintain an insurance policy that includes a minimum of $10,000 in medical coverage. However, wearing a helmet is a no-brainer. Head injuries are among the most critical types of trauma motorcycle riders sustain when involved in an accident. Not only may the skull be compromised by impact, but the brain may sustain debilitating impairment or even fatal injury. Although head trauma alone may significantly impact an injured motorcyclist’s health and require extensive medical treatment, other severe bodily trauma such as neck injury, broken bones, bruises and skin abrasions may also occur as a result of a motorcycle accident. In a particularly notable case, a Florida motorcyclist was awarded $1,200,000 after suffering orthopedic injuries after a vehicle violated the right-of-way and collided with the rider. Because injured motorcycle riders are especially vulnerable to the risk of severe injury, those who are involved in an accident as well as others who may be at the scene should first seek medical attention for any party who may be injured. After seeking medical assistance, the accident parties should immediately consult with a Broward County motorcycle accident lawyer to evaluate all options before filing an insurance claim or seeking compensation in court. Nevertheless, assessing the need for medical treatment is the first priority at the scene of any accident.

Expenses pile up quickly

The reasons for immediately contacting a Broward County motorcycle accident attorney following a motorcycle collision are numerous. First, medical bills begin to add up quickly, especially if severe injury occurs. Injured parties often miss work, which may negatively impact the an accident victim’s income as he or she attempts to recover. In addition to potentially reduced income and mounting expenses, an injured motorcyclist may feel pressured by the other party’s insurance company to settle for less than he or she deserves. By consulting an attorney right away, accident victims and their families are better equipped to protect their rights and are more likely to receive adequate compensation for their damages. An experienced Florida motorcycle accident attorney can anticipate the corporate insurance company’s tactics and oftentimes negotiate a higher settlement. Accident attorneys are also able to help their clients by guiding them in deciding whether the more favorable option is to settle the case outside of court or proceed to preset the case before a judge.

Schedule a consultation with an attorney

Those who have been injured in a motorcycle accident should call a an injury attorney to schedule a consultation. The consultation will be free of charge and confidential. During the consultation, a law firm staff member will conduct an interview to determine the facts of the case and whether there is a legal cause of action for which the individual may seek compensation. Individuals who have been injured in a motorcycle accident are strongly advised to contact a lawyer prior to communicating with the other party’s insurance company. Insurance companies are experienced in presenting injured victims with low settlement offers and may even attempt to use the injured party’s words against him or her when discussing the cause of the accident.

A call to a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident lawyer is a step toward protecting important rights that may otherwise be infringed upon. Broward County accident victims are urged to seek legal counsel immediately. The process of recovering from a motorcycle crash may quickly become overwhelming. A lawyer specializing in personal injury can help victims and their families navigate the process more smoothly by ensuring they receive the support they need.

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