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Sharing the road with semi trucks is an inevitable part of modern life, but a collision with one can change your life in an instant. When a truck accident occurs due to driver fatigue, equipment failure or any number of causes stemming from negligence, the passengers of every small truck and car in the vicinity are placed at risk of catastrophic injuries. Because commercial trucks must adhere to state and federal laws, obtaining the compensation you deserve after a crash is a complex process that requires the expertise of an experienced Fort Lauderdale truck accident lawyer. At Krupnick Campbell Malone, we have a proven track record of skillfully navigating through these complexities to collect the damages our clients deserve for recovery — both physically and financially.

How you can help your future attorneys with your case

Nothing will make a commercial transport company or its insurance carrier move faster than a trucking accident. Shortly after a wreck with a commercial truck in Fort Lauderdale or elsewhere in Broward County, you’ll likely be contacted by the trucking company’s insurance carrier. In fact, trucking and insurance company representatives often arrive at the scene of a truck wreck mere hours after one has occurred, and if you are present when they arrive, they will attempt to obtain information from you that they could use to mitigate their liability. Why are they so aggressive? Money.

Speaking with the insurance company or any representatives from the trucking company before contacting an attorney could significantly harm your case. KCM can speak to them on your behalf. If you or a family member has been injured in a trucking crash, protect your interests and match that aggression quickly by contacting our firm.

We match the aggression that insurers and trucking companies show in trying to minimize or deny your claim of negligence with an equally aggressive approach that helps victims of trucking injuries recover the compensation they deserve. However, it is almost certain that “they” already have a head start, and as a result, immediate action on your part is necessary to protect yourself. Our areas of specialty include:

  • Commercial truck wrecks
  • Tractor-trailer jackknife crashes
  • 18-wheeler rollover accidents
  • Car-truck wrecks
  • Motorcycle-semi crashes
  • Wrecks caused by objects falling off flatbed trucks
  • Fatal truck accident claims

Fatal semi truck claims in Florida

Each year, at least 194 fatalities occur in Florida crashes involving large trucks. These numbers could be reduced if truckers and their employers would simply comply with state and federal laws. Instead, many truck drivers are under pressure to cut corners so that they can get to their destinations quickly. This could mean driving fatigued, taking drugs to stay awake, not taking breaks, failing to inspect equipment, loading the truck improperly, and speeding. Trucking companies also could overlook faulty trucking equipment or send inexperienced or untrained drivers out on the road.

To help you recover maximum damages for your medical issues, mental anguish and lost wages, your Broward County truck accident attorney will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the negligence of the driver, the trucking company and any other responsible entities. Our team of experts will reconstruct the accident and review photographs and police reports to obtain a full picture of what occurred. We will also investigate the vehicle to determine if it was properly maintained and if manufacturing defects were present. Our attorneys will also pore over the trucking company’s records, checking to see if the driver was properly trained and licensed and if trucking regulations dictated by the state and federal government were followed.

Knowledge is power: Learn your options

Seeking compensation for a trucking accident in Fort Lauderdale is a complicated process, and obtaining the legal representation of an aggressive Florida attorney is critical. Contact Krupnick Campbell Malone today and let an experienced trucking accident lawyer get to work on proving the defendant’s negligence.

Our attorneys have access to top experts in these areas, and we approach every case as if it will go to trial. Because of this, we put our clients and ourselves in a much better position to deal with insurance company lawyers and to negotiate settlement terms without the delay, expense and uncertain outcomes a trial can bring.

We also assist clients with the often complex issues involving motor carrier liability claims, finding alternative sources of compensation when minimum insurance coverage limits have been exceeded for property damage and medical coverage in trucking accidents with catastrophic injuries. Our law firm’s injury lawyers help clients throughout Broward County, Florida, including Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood.

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