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Walter G. ‘Skip’ Campbell, Jr.
(In Memoriam)


Walter G. ‘Skip’ Campbell, Jr. (In Memoriam)

On October 23, 2018, the Krupnick Campbell Malone family lost one of its founders and members, Senator Walter G. “Skip” Campbell, Jr. Skip cofounded Krupnick and Campbell with Jon Krupnick on March 23rd, 1974. Not only did Skip become the most beloved and respected member of our law firm, he set the bar in the South Florida legal community for his passionate pursuit of justice. Skip was always eager to help those in need.

While his relentless commitment to helping others began in the courtroom, it grew and extended into state and local service.During his renowned career of leadership, Skip served as State Senator and the Mayor of the City of Coral Springs. He also held senior offices with The Florida Bar, and multiple religious, philanthropic, professional, and local organizations. Skip was a monumental warrior for justice in our community and he is deeply missed.

Skip’s values are engrained into the pillars of our practice and in the minds of all that are proud to call Krupnick Campbell Malone their family. We are proud to honor Skip’s legacy by carrying forward his passion for justice, work ethic, and integrity in the practice of law and with our community.

In recognition of his immense contributions as a lawyer and statesmen, the Broward County Commission chose to honor Skip by dedicating the new West Building of Broward County’s Judicial Complex in his name. On April 10, 2019, in front of Skips’ family, friends, and colleagues, the new wing of the Courthouse was officially declared the Walter G. “Skip” Campbell, Jr. West Building.

Skip made an indelible mark on this world and leaves it far better off than he found it. We sincerely hope that the millions of people Skip helped and touched will join us in continuing his legacy of making our world a better place.

Honoring Walter G. “Skip” Campbell, Jr.

Krupnick Campbell Malone » Our Team » Walter G. ‘Skip’ Campbell, Jr.