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Verdicts & Settlements


The following is a small sampling of the thousands of personal injury cases the attorneys at Krupnick Campbell Malone have won or settled in recent years. Some of these cases are local to our home state of Florida – particularly Fort Lauderdale and the rest of Broward County – but our accident lawyers handle many personal injury cases throughout the United States. Our reach has spanned the globe, with KCM’s international litigation lawyers having represented dozens of nations and thousands of individuals and businesses overseas through the past 20 years.

Injury Cases



Verdict and settlement for young man mistreated in state mental hospitals. This was the largest civil rights verdict against the State of Florida.


Verdict for brain damage of FL child struck while walking alongside the road in Coral Springs, FL.


Verdict for hand amputation to a 20-year-old landscaper.


Verdict for the widow of a man who was killed while test driving a car after the steering wheel suddenly came off and the car crashed.


Settlement for a man injured when his disabled car without lights was struck by an 18-wheeler on US 27 in the Florida Everglades.


Verdict for a young man with mental challenges against the school board for failing to provide adequate protection from an attack by another student.


Settlements against a balloon manufacturer for a balloon explosion that killed four people.


Verdict and settlement, against both crane owner and manufacturer, for the widow of a man killed when a defective crane boom crashed into a building under construction.


Settlement for a man who suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of a masonic installation.


Verdict when an airboat overturned, seriously injuring the passenger.


Recovery for a woman who sustained a traumatic brain injury and orthopedic injuries after she was struck by a vehicle while walking along the side of a street.


Recovery for a young man in a car that crashed into a stopped construction vehicle parked in an improperly marked construction zone.


Recovery for the family of a longshoreman who died from exposure to toxic gasses.


Recovery for the family of a longshoreman who died from exposure to toxic gasses.


for a man who sustained serious spinal injuries in a head on collision.


Settlement for the family of a cyclist who was killed during a collision with a motor vehicle.


Settlement for a bicyclist who sustained a closed head injury when he was struck by a vehicle.


Settlement for a pedestrian hit by a motorist in an intersection.


Settlement for a pedestrian who fractured both ankles after being hit by a forklift.


Recovery for a scuba diver who suffered leg injuries from propeller strike.


Settlement for a teenage boy injured during a bicycle race after his parents had signed a release to allow him to enter the race.


Settlement in an auto accident where a 63-year-old male pedestrian was hit by a car.


Settlement for the family of a driver who lost his life when he was rear-ended and forced into a rollover


Verdict and settlement for a driver who suffered a seizure disorder from low-impact collision.


Settlement for the family of a driver who was hit and killed by a drunk driver.


Settlement for mold and dust mite exposure in a commercial building.


Settlement For the family of a driver who was struck and killed by police car during high speed chase involving another vehicle.


Settlement for a motorcyclist who sustained multiple orthopedic injuries when he struck a vehicle that violated his right of way.


Settlement for a construction worker who sustained multiple crush injuries when a wall collapsed upon her.


For a mentally challenged pedestrian who sustained serious orthopedic injuries after being hit by a bus.


Settlement for the family of a woman who lost her life when she was not rescued from a fire inside her condominium in a timely fashion.


Verdict for an African American lawyer who was falsely arrested by a South Florida Police Department.

Product Liability



Settlement for 220 farmers whose crops were ruined from the DuPont fungicide Benlate.


Verdicts and settlements for eight separate injuries in various woodchipper accidents.


Verdict for a 21-year-old rendered quadriplegic due to design defects in a Ford Bronco. Largest verdict ever obtained in the country at the time for a single claimant.


Settlement for a 57-year-old male killed due to defect in the fuel system of an automobile. Survived by his wife and child.


Settlement with the Florida Department of Transportation and various subcontractors for defective design and construction of a turnpike entrance ramp for the family of a man who was killed when his car hit a hole in the median of the ramp.


Verdict for hand amputation to a 20-year-old landscaper due to design defect in a woodchipper. Largest verdict in the country for a single amputation.


jury verdict against a manufacturer for woman injured by a defective step ladder.


Final judgment entered against aircraft manufacturer for a 32-year-old male pilot injured when operating a defective single-engine aircraft that crashed.

Confidential Settlement

for a teenager severely burned due to a defective system on a motorbike. This case resulted in safety enhancements to the throttle and fuel systems in sport motorcycles.

Confidential Settlement

received for a construction worker who suffered eye injuries from an explosion of a compressor.

Confidential Final Judgment

against the manufacturer and the distributor of a container used to dispose of biohazardous wastes, i.e. used needles and slides, when a hospital employee was punctured by contaminated needles and contracted HIV.

Medical Malpractice


$8,100,000 (Verdict)

for a woman who died after she was diagnosed and treated for cancer she did not have.

$7,600,000 (recovery)

from an HMO for negligently credentialing a physician, resulting in the birth of a brain-damaged baby. $6,600,000 Recovery for failure to properly treat an asthma attack which led to catastrophic brain damage.


Recovery from a doctor and 21 major drug store chains for negligently prescribing and filling a prescription that resulted in death.


Recovery from a hospital and treating physicians for discharging a patient because of no insurance resulting in the patient becoming a quadriplegic.


Recovery for a misdiagnosis of bone cancer resulting in death.


Recovery for the negligent delivery of a newborn.


Verdict for failure to diagnosis brain cancer.


Recovery for intubations of the esophagus post-surgery which led to catastrophic brain damage.


Recovery for a healthcare provider’s failure to properly treat a post-tonsillectomy hemorrhage resulting in brain damage.


Recovery for misdiagnosis of a subluxation resulting in hemiparalysis.


Recovery for a birth trauma resulting in brain damage and death.


Recovery for an 81-year-old against a healthcare provider who allowed a ventilator to be disconnected resulting in catastrophic brain damage.


Recovery for spinal fusion surgery at the wrong level.


Recovery for the family of a quadriplegic who died at 21 as a result of a home healthcare nurse falling asleep and allowing the ventilator tube to disconnect.


Recovery for negligent management of an asthma attack during a C-section.


Recovery for a misdiagnosis of a bacterial blood infection resulting in the amputation of eight fingers.


Recovery for negligent delivery of a baby resulting in death


Recovery for failure to properly treat a patient in respiratory arrest while in a CT scanner.

Aviation/Air Disasters


USAir Flight 5481 Crash of a Beech 1900 Commuter aircraft in Charlotte, North Carolina

We investigated several key errors including faulty maintenance procedures and passenger/cargo loading practices which caused the crash, leading to revised FAA regulations enhancing commuter airline oversight and safety. We represented three families of the victims onboard and obtained final resolution of all claims within 15 months of the crash.

American Airlines Flight 965

In this Boeing 757 crash near Cali, Colombia the firm was appointed to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee to represent the interests of all the plaintiffs injured.

Delta Flight 191 Crash of Lockheed L1011

Occurred on approach to Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. We represented several claimants before various federal courts and in multi-district litigation. This case resulted in nationwide improvements in cockpit procedures and enhanced weather detection equipment.

Avianca Flight 052

Crash in Cove Neck, New York where approximately 80 passengers were killed and 80 passengers injured. Our firm was one of five firms appointed to the Steering Committee to represent the interests of all the plaintiffs.

Bell Helicopter/Textron 212 “Flightseeing” Crash

A Bell 212 large capacity helicopter crash in Cozumel, Mexico, killing all 14 passengers and the pilot onboard. The helicopter was being operated as a tourist promotion. Our firm prosecuted this case with full or partial representation of all the passengers onboard. A settlement, believed to be the highest recovery in the history of the Death on the High Seas Act, was recovered.

ValuJet Airlines Flight 592

A crash in the Everglades in Miami, Florida. We were retained in several cases and were actively involved in investigating the crash. We were appointed to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee to represent the interests of all 110 plaintiffs killed in the crash.

American Airlines Crash at Belle Harbour, New York

Crash of American Airlines Airbus 300. We represented several families of the victims onboard and were appointed to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee to represent the interests of all the plaintiffs killed in the crash.

Air Florida Crash, Washington, D.C.

We represented several passengers onboard an Air Florida jet which crashed due to icing and improper internal procedures. The aircraft struck a bridge and was partially submerged after takeoff from Washington, D.C.