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We hear about them on the news, but until a plane crash affects you directly, understanding the feeling of such a tragedy is difficult. A plane crash is a devastating event – one that permanently changes the lives of the family and friends of a victim. The sudden nature of these rare accidents is shocking and that adds to the grief, which can be very difficult for friends and family members to cope with. Add to that, the process for officials in evaluating and determining the cause of the incident can be long and drawn out, delaying closure by months – even years. In cases such as these, it becomes vitally important to retain the services of the Broward and Fort Lauderdale plane crash lawyers of Krupnick Campbell Malone as soon as possible.

In the United States, there are more than 87,000 flights in the sky on any given day, according to the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. Of those, 30,000 are commercial flights. Considering these very large numbers, incidents like plane crashes and other aviation accidents are extremely rare. However, incidents involving aircraft do occur, and many (although not all) aviation accidents result in the death of passengers and flight crew alike. If you or a loved one is a victim of an aviation accident, Broward County plane crash attorneys are here to help.

Florida’s many airplane accidents

The state of Florida is one of the most susceptible states for aviation accidents, because flight activity into and out of the state is at high levels nearly all year long.

Families come in the summer months while the children are out of school, and retirees visit during the winter months to escape the colder climate of the northern United States. Some statistics:

  • In 2005, there were 138 total aviation accidents in the state of Florida. This figure is second only to California’s 182.
  • Florida’s current 10-year average for the number of plane crashes that occur per year is 126.
  • In terms of accidents per capita, Florida is a close second behind California.

In Broward County, including the cities of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Coral Springs and Pembroke Pines, the plane crash attorneys of Krupnick Law have specific knowledge of aviation accident cases and the intricacies involved during investigation of an incident. They are knowledgeable in all phases of the process and will be able to provide you with the guidance and support that is necessary to see the case through to its final resolution.

Krupnick Campbell Malone Buser Slama Hancock represents plane crash victims and their families in Broward County, including the cities of Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Pembroke Pines.

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