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Our Firm’s Philosophy

Since our founding in 1974 we remained faithful to our original mission. To devote ourselves and our entire practice to the tireless pursuit of justice for our clients.

For more than 30 years, we have carefully built a reputation for honesty, integrity, and excellence, while accumulating an impressive record of success for our clients in terms of favorable verdicts and settlements.

Now in our fourth decade, the firm has emerged as a significant national and international force in our principal areas of practice. We have represented tens of thousands of clients worldwide.

$22 Million Aviation Accident Settlement more
$8 Million Auto Accident Settlement more
$8.1 Million Premises Liability Settlement more

In cases throughout Florida, the United States, and abroad, we have achieved verdicts and settlements totaling well over one billion dollars. From relatively simple cases involving small damages to highly complex cases involving vast sums, our passion for justice and our commitment to the client have remained absolute.

Many of our innovative and precedent-setting cases have been featured in national and international print and broadcast media.

Our success is a testimony to the diligence and loyalty of our professional staff. Most of our lawyers and other professionals have been with the firm for many years. Several of them are recognized nationally and internationally as authorities in their respective fields.

Our partners and attorneys have served in numerous local, state, and national professional leadership roles, including The Board of Governors of The Florida Bar.

We are proud of our record and tradition of excellence. Equally rewarding has been our active and significant participation in our communities. We are pleased to have been able to donate our time, our resources, and our leadership to benefit the less fortunate through such organizations as Kids in Distress, The Brain Injury Association, various homeless shelters, United Way Leaders in Giving program, The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, and multiple other charities and community organizations.